What makes this business so attractive is the low operating costs . You only have costs when you have guests which means you only have expenses when you start making an Income.

You can grow your business quickly and earn high incomes within no time.

Perfectstay provides all the tools , operational guides , technology and resources to get your business off the ground in no time and also get you trained and certified as a professional perfectstay host vs trying to get your own business off the ground.

You don’t own any of the properties and have no costs on rent , mortgages , utilities or anything else.


All inclusive

Training, Technology,
Marketing, Support,

We provide all the training , technology, marketing and continuous innovation to keep your business thriving with great experiences and opportunity to learn ,earn & grow.

Use our brand , technology quality assurance and general way of operations to attract the right stock ( Stay Short Term Properties ) in your area easily & customers.

With our knowledge and guidance convert the right property @ the right price and get the bookings flowing in quickly


Who manages
bookings and the

We do it all for you . We manage everything from he customer queries, chats , info & advice + the reservation, payment collection , feedback & anything admin related - All you have to focus on is the check in!

What if I can’t make a check in? Well you can facilitate an E-meet & greet from the comfort of wherever you are on your phone or PC or we can handle that for you!

Margins for the Franchisee

Perfectstay charges the property owner 30% on the total value of the accommodation
booking value less any 3rd party commissions such as OTA
(, Airbnb, Tour Operator).
The Franchisee gets 20% on the remaining booking value.
PerfectStay franchise gets 10% on the remaining booking value

Scenario Example 1

Property 1

Family friendly Stay Apartment

R 1750




  • R 3500.00
  • R 2975.00
  • R 595.00
  • R 297.50
  • Franchisee earn
  • Perfect Stay earn
R 2082.50 Property owner earn
  • Property 1 - 30% Occupancy - Earn R 3150.00
  • Property 1 - 50% Occupancy - Earn R 5250.00
  • Property 1 - 75% Occupancy - Earn R 7875.00
  • 5x Properties @ 50% Occupancy - Earn R 26250
  • 10x Properties @ 50% Occupancy - Earn R 52500


15% of the above Income would be your running costs (operational costs).

This cost would amount to R 26250 x 15% = R 3937.50

Your running costs are mainly for the cleaning team. (Staff) (Not the cleaning material)

Cleaning material and equipment is supplied by the property owner .

The above Scenario would require 1-2 Cleaners cleaning 1,25 Unit Each a day.

If 1 Cleaner would clean 2,5 Apartments per day then you could use 1 Cleaner, otherwise 2 would clean 1,25 Apartments Units against the above scenario.

An average cleaner should be able to clean 2.5 Apartments a day.

You would however require 2 cleaners for 5 Apartments @ the 50 % occupancy rate.

Also this would mean you would clean each day, which is usually not the case.

The norm is to clean every 2nd day or upon checkout.

Any Additional cleaning service is charged @ R 180 Per Day, which is an additional income.

Your cleaners would earn around R 1950 monthly excluding any overtime or commissions


Optional additional Income

Additional Cleaning Days charged @ R 180 per day

Activity commissions ranging from 15-30% on booking value ( average R 750 per person)

dvertising (TV Screens, Brochures, In app notifications) Mini Bar

Shuttle transfer or ride

PerfectStay does the E-check
in for the Franchisee


You earn 10% commission & PerfectStay gets 20% on the booking value.

No work for the franchisee other than cleaning the accommodation.


A PerfectStay chat centre consultant gets paid 10% for doing the E-check in on behalf of the franchisee

What does a
Franchise get you?


The PerfectStay

  • T-Shirts or Polo Shirts (Man / Woman)
  • Cleaner outfit
  • Car Magnets
  • Stickers
  • PerfectStay Quality Certificates for Stays
  • Branded Stay Guide for Stays
  • Cleaner Temp Contracts .
  • Legal advice & assistance
  • Property Host contracts

Operational Manual

  • How to Clean
  • How to facilitate a check in
  • How to facilitate a check out
  • How to upsell and activity
  • Make money with the Mini Bar
  • Digital E-meet & Greet
  • App product training
  • Online Portal Training
  • How to market via facebook
  • How to shoot 360 Video Tours
  • How to shoot Photos
  • POS Solution
  • Management portal for Stays
  • Central Communication portal
  • Automation for Stays

Management CMS
(Website) tool

  • Email
  • SMS
  • Chat

For the Property Owner

  • Website Portal
  • Global Marketing
  • Professional Host
  • Quality standards + procedures
  • Trust
  • Additional marketing channel
  • Vetted Host
  • Vetted Property Listing
  • Professional Photos
  • 360 degree Videos + Pictures

For the Guest

  • PerfectStay Website Portal
  • Property Directory
  • PerfectStay APP
  • PerfectStay Loyalty & Rewards
  • Vetted Stays
  • Quality control , standardization
  • Professional Stay Host
  • E-MEET and Greet
  • To DO , To SEE , To Eat & Drink Activity advice

For the Host

  • Accounts , Statement , Payments & Info
  • Portal
  • PerfectStay App
  • Payment Gateway
  • The Live chat reservations & bookings Chat Centre
  • E-Meet & Greet
  • Marketing Material

I want to own a
PerfectStay Franchise

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