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Hassle free buying . Buy your share into a profitable business property quick & easy online via the dashboard

Who we are

PerfectStay Investments is run and owned by PerfectStay LTD Pty. We successfully run a short terms rental business which manages ,hosts & sells short term rental properties in local travel destinations around the world.
We have built a trusted brand and service name in the market

PerfectStay Investments sells fractional properties investments that are focused on our 2 core product suite.

Vacation Rental Properties.

Low Income Housing Rentals.


What is fractional Property Investment?

Put simply, fractional investment enables you to buy a portion of a property, so you get all the benefits of owning a property without the upfront expense and ongoing hassle.

As the affordability of property continues to be out of reach for many Australians this new way of property investment might just give the next generation the opportunity to live the Australian dream and get on that property ladder.

In traditional property investment, the investor buys an investment property and receives rent from their tenants living there. In fractional property investment, the investor buys a portion or a “fraction” of an investment property, and receives a “fraction” of the rental income and a “fraction” of the capital growth.

There are a few key players who are offering fractional investment all with a slightly different product.


Low Income
Housing Rentals
Rental Properties

How do I make money?

Capital Gains

As property prices increase in value so does the value of your shares.
Our product suite - short term rentals and Low income housing both yield great rental incomes vs fixed term rentals.

Use the Perfectstay Investment dashboard as guide to sell and buy shares easily and conveniently as well as instantly. Earn your property gains instantly when selling to another user.

Rental Distribution Income

Receive your share of rental income earned after expenses and taxes paid quarterly.
Our products typically yield more income as short term vacation rentals, up to 50% more than fixed term rentals.

The PerfectStay properties are specifically located in tourist hotspot areas and the higher the occupancy rate the higher the investment yields.


Why invest with

Invest in Property Fractional Property

You get to buy a fractional part of a property and earn both monthly rental dividends as well as Capital gains on one or multiple properties itself ( Increased Value ) from day 1.

No Banks

No Lawyers

Hassle free buying . Buy your share into a profitable business property quick & easy online via the dashboard


Start small THINK BIG

Rental Income

Earn Rental Income

Sell your property instantly. Sell your fractional
property instantly.

Safe and stable

Earn monthly dividends from day one.


Sell quick & easy

Sell your property instantly . Sell your fractional property instantly.

Earn great Percs Free Stays, discounted
vacation deals

You get awesome Perks. Free Stays with your Investment portfolio for set duration against your investment. You earn up 60% cashback, loyalty & instant rewards when staying @ perfectstay locations anywhere in the world.


Buy quick & easy


Invest from 5000 N$

Short term rentals earn 50% more than
fixed rentals


Enjoy Capital gains on the business property and
sell for great profits .

Capital Gains grow up to 30%
more on a
Business Property

Invest in property without having to Buy
the entire property


Stable & Steady growth from 9% - 25%
per Annum

How it

Quick & Easy

You register yourself on our Portal and get access to your trading dashboard online

Pick your properties

Choose your investment. Invest and buy your share of a single property or diversify your investment.

Rental Income & Capital Gains

Start earning commission from Day 1. Earn Capital Gains on the property portfolio (which is the value the business / property grows) Earn rental Income from your property portfolio monthly paid out quarterly to you which you can reinvest or cash out anytime from the portal .

Sell quick, easy and hassle free

Cashout quarterly on your rental income or reinvest


How do I invest?

  • Our specialist team on the ground sources great properties in great locations for our product suite - Short Term Vacation rentals or Low Income Housing .As a registered investor you have access and are invited to buy shares into the company that owns those properties.
  • No minimum Investment.
  • You decide which property portfolio you want to invest.
  • You Choose in and how much you choose to invest
  • Properties are run, hosted and managed by the PerfecStay PTY Management entity.
  • Rental Income is distributed to shareholders via dividends paid out quarterly (after property costs and relevant taxes)
  • New Properties investments will be available regularly
  • Property Investments will run between 5-& Years

Do I receive dividends?

Dividends ( earnings on your property investment ) net free of fees and taxes will be paid into your Perfectstay investment account. You can withdraw these funds into your bank account or re-invest these further. Quarterly dividends are standard in the industry.

Can I Reinvest my dividends?

Absolutely. Re-investing your rental dividends will allow you to take advantage of the power of compounding reuters.


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